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Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council

The Hereford Zone and Parks Council serves the northern Baltimore County area with a wide variety of activities for children and adults. The HZRPC is a non-profit organization qualified under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Visit the HZRPC website at for more information.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Cheerleading Directors, Lauren Smith at or view the program's website:

FALL Program Information
The Cheerleading program will begin in early-August 2022 and go through mid-November 2022. Cheerleaders will compete in 3-5 competitions as well as cheering for football games each Saturday.

Age Requirement
Your cheerleader must be between ages 5 and 13 as of August 1, 2022.

Registration Cost

  • $180.00 per cheerleader
    ($20.00 sibling discount applies for each child after the first (must be immediate family members))
  • $15.00 Cheer Bow (required for all cheerleaders and is yours to keep after the season has concluded.

Coaching Assistance Needed
If you are interested in coaching or being a team mom please contact the Cheer Director as our program has been growing year over year and we need more coaching staff.

WINTER Program Information
The Travel Cheerleading program will begin in mid-November 2022 and go through early-March 2023. Cheerleaders will practice 1-2 times a week and participate in 4-5 competitions. Travel Cheerleading is open to those who participated in fall cheerleading, requires a coach’s assessment, and is by invitation only. Detailed information about the Travel Cheer program can be found in the Travel Cheer handbook. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Cheerleading Directors, Lauren Smith at

Age Requirement
Your cheerleader must be between ages 5 and 13 as of August 1, 2022.

Rules and Regulations for HZRPC Recreation Cheer

COMMITMENT - Cheerleading is a true TEAM sport. Those returning know the importance of the team working together towards a common goal. Due to the commitment level of this sport we want you to read through the info included on our website to know what is expected. If you feel this is too much of a commitment, please reconsider participating in this sport because cheerleading at any level requires true dedication from the athlete and their guardians. We do offer the option to be a sideline cheerleader. They do not compete and do not have to attend as many practices. If you are considering this option, please email Cheerleading Director Lauren Smith ( for details; this option would only cost $100.

ATTENDANCE - Attendance is a huge factor in this sport. All athletes are assigned a position. If anyone is absent it affects the whole team. There is no bench in cheerleading every cheerleader has a role. We have rules and policies in place to protect those that follow them and so those that do not can be disciplined. Please consider this when scheduling vacations and events. Absence can affect your child's ability to compete.

Attitude - The purpose of the HZRPC Cheer Program is to raise the spirit of both teams and fans. Therefore, a good attitude is extremely important for the cheerleaders at both practices and games. Any Cheerleader not exhibiting a good attitude and good sportsmanship toward coaches, team members, opposing teams or fans will sit out the rest of the game/practice and will be given a verbal warning. This verbal warning will be documented in their file. If the problem occurs after the official verbal warning, a note will be sent home to their parent/guardian. If a problem occurs after notification to the parent/guardian, the participant will be removed from the program. They will be given one verbal and one written warning.

Tardiness/Absent - Participants are expected to arrive to practices and games on time and fully prepared. If the participant arrives 15 minutes late two times or leaves practices 15 minutes early two times, this will be considered an unexcused absence. Each participant is allowed 2 unexcused absences. If the participant goes over the unexcused absences, the participant will not be allowed to compete in any more competitions. Excused absences are for illness, graded school functions, or as deemed by the coach. Cheerleading must take priority to other sports due to the nature of our sport. Absences to participate in other sports are not excused and may impact your cheerleader's ability to participate on the team/in competitions. Any absences MUST be reported to the TEAM COACH at least 2 hours prior to the schedule start time or it will be unexcused. It is the coach's discretion to pull a participant from the competition dues to absences.

Tardiness for Pickups - Parent/Guardian must pick up participant on time. The coach/director will wait no longer than 15 minutes unless PRIOR arrangements have been made. Please note that practice times are 6-8 PM. If at a game, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to note what time the game starts/ends. If unsure of ending time, parent/guardian should not leave participant. If coach/director has to wait with participant more than twice without PRIOR arrangements, that participant will be asked to leave the squad.

Practices - The practice uniform will be shorts and t-shirt - a white cheer shoes with white no show socks. NO JEWELRY, no piercings on the face or body where it could cause harm when stunting. Should participant choose wear earrings, etc. to practice and injury results, HZRPC will not be held responsible. Under no circumstances will any jewelry be allowed at competitions. Hair should be pulled back in pony off the face. Hair dye/color spray is not allowed during cheer competition season per our league guidelines. Nails should be kept short and free of nail polish for competitions.

Games/Competitions - Participants will be informed of proper uniform. No show socks and cheer shoes only will allowed at both.

Breaks - Bathroom breaks should be taken before practice begins. Breaks will be given throughout practice for bathroom and for water. At no time should a participant leave from a game or competition without letting the coach/director know.

Skill Readiness - Participants will be assessed in all aspects of cheerleading. All cheerleaders will be given a fair amount of time to learn stunts, chants and cheers before being assessed for readiness.
    a. Stunting - basing, flying, spotting-time and technique.
    b. Motion Drill, Jumps, Dance Steps - timing, rhythm, togetherness, spacing and energy
    c. Crowd Appeal - showmanship, expression, spirit, poise, energy and voice
    d. Cheer Execution - spacing, formation, sharpness and motions

Disciplinary Issues - Disruptive behavior is deemed the following: disrespect to others, i.e. bullying, not following directions and/or inappropriate/immature behavior. Participants need to understand that this is a TEAM sport and inappropriate behavior is disruptive to the entire squad. At no time will the participant be humiliated in front of their peers. They will be asked to step out from practice/situation and dealt with confidentially.

My Neighbors Foundation

My Neighbors Foundation (MNF) is a group of caring neighbors within Northern Baltimore County making a difference in the lives of our community's children. Their goal is to provide the resources and support to help all children participate fully with their peers. Funds are available for school trips, sports and scouting fees, school supplies and extra-curricular activities are just a few of the many ways MNF supports our community's children.

Please review their website and then feel free to contact them if you need assistance with the Cheerleading fees.

Refund Policy

HZRPC Recreation Cheerleading has a "No Refund" policy. It is understood that extenuating circumstance will arise and only the following exceptions will apply to a refund:
    1.Cheerleader moving out of Hereford Zone.
    2. Injury or other medical reason.
    3. Other circumstances agreed upon by HZRPC Recreation Cheerleading Directors.

In the event that one of the above circumstances arises, refunds will be based on the following:
    a. Registration fee paid (not including Gold Bloomers and Hair Bow) less $10.00 before first official football/game competition
    b. No refund after first official game

(Each circumstance will be treated individually and processed as such by the directors.)

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