Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse Club
Check-Hers Elite
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Contact Information

Tracey Rohrback, President
Phone: 410-382-4925

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued for any funds relating to Check-Hers Elite. Monies paid are for an entire calendar year, Fall through the following Summer. This includes and is not limited to, try-outs, clinics, teams, coaching changes, leagues, practices, tournaments, etc. Tournaments can be changed/rescheduled without notice. Tournaments can be cancelled/limited schedule/changed schedule due to COVID and/or any environmental acts of Mother Nature and/or God – No refunds will be issued. No refunds for any uniforms, apparel or special equipment.

Available Registrations
Club Season 2024-25
Check-Hers Elite Tryouts
Club Season 2023-24
Check-Hers Elite Tryouts
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