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Contact Information

E-mail: info@westminstersoccer.org

League Information

WSA offers a mix of leagues determined by age or grade. For leagues determined by age, your child's age as of July 31, 2015 will determine in which league your child will play:

League Gender Birth Date Between
Academy Under-5 Co-ed 01/01/2013 thru 07/31/2013
Academy Under-6 Co-ed 01/01/2012 thru 12/31/2012
Academy Under-7 Co-ed 01/01/2011 thru 12/31/2011
Academy Under-8 Co-ed 01/01/2010 thru 12/31/2010
In-House Under-10 Co-ed 01/01/2008 thru 12/31/2009
In-House Under-12 Co-ed 01/01/2006 thru 12/31/2007
In-House Under-15 Co-ed 01/01/2003 thru 12/31/2005
Travel High School Co-ed 9th thru 12th Graders
Travel Under-8 (2010) Boys/Girls 01/01/2010 thru 12/31/2010
Travel Under-9 (2009) Boys/Girls 01/01/2009 thru 12/31/2009
Travel Under-10 (2008) Boys/Girls 01/01/2008 thru 12/31/2008
Travel Under-11 (2007) Boys/Girls 01/01/2007 thru 12/31/2007
Travel Under-12 (2006) Boys/Girls 01/01/2006 thru 12/31/2006
Travel Under-13 (2005) Boys/Girls 01/01/2005 thru 12/31/2005
Travel Under-14 (2004) Boys/Girls 01/01/2004 thru 12/31/2004
Travel Under-15 (2003) Boys/Girls 01/01/2003 thru 12/31/2003
Travel Under-16 (2002) Boys/Girls 01/01/2002 thru 12/31/2002

Uniforms and Equipment

The WSA will provide game jerseys, shorts and socks for each player. Players are required to get the following equipment themselves:
•  Soccer cleats
•  Shin guards

Registration Fees (All Players)

$95.00 for the first player
$85.00 for the second player
$75.00 for the third player
$0.00 for fourth player and beyond
Discounts only apply to immediate family members

$30.00 additional ($100.00 total) per player to play in the High School Travel League

A registrant will not be placed on a team until all registration monies are received.

Registration fees for ALL PLAYERS - $25.00 discount PER PLAYER for registrations processed on or before July 15, 2017.

After July 31, 2017, all leagues will close (for registration) with the exception of the Travel High School league. Players may register for that league until through August 31, 2017. The early registration discount remains in force for the Travel High School league through August 31, 2017.

Travel Notes

•  If your player does not make the travel team for which they are trying out, they will be automatically moved to the age-appropriate In-House league.
•  If your player does make the travel team, there will be an additional fee and uniform charge which will be collected after rosters are finalized.

Refund Policy

Refund requests must be made to the grade group coordinator or league treasurer by August 19, 2017. This can be done by emailing info@westminstersoccer.org or by calling 410-848-6377. Any refund issued will be subject to a $10.00 administrative fee. Any refunds issued after teams have been formed and uniforms have been ordered (approximately mid-July) will be reduced by an additional $20.00.

Additional Information

Please check our website for additional information about WSA's Soccer programs.


Please refer to the WSA website to contact the appropriate coordinator to see if there may be room in a specific league for late registrations. For other questions, please e-mail a WSA Registration Coordinator: Jen Wolfe

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