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Ages 7-10 (Little Jets)
At this age the body is prepared for new muscle memory and new muscle movement patterns. This program is designed to introduce and create foundations of overall athleticism in a positive, fun, and high success atmosphere. Focusing on running technique, balance, and athletic coordination. These sessions are 60 minutes with a maximum of 12 athletes per session.

Ages 11-14 (Missiles)
In this stage, athletes have discovered the importance of developing neuromuscular patterns. Athletic fundamentals begin to be developed and directed towards athletic skill application. It focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic movement while refining and ingraining fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. This repeated rehearsal leads to permanent and positive athletic change. A minimal amount of formal strength and power training provides two benefits. First, proper movement techniques with increased force production lead to maximized potential. Secondly, as athletes naturally increase in height, weight, strength and aggressiveness, the need for improved joint integrity is vital for reducing the chance of injury. These sessions are 75 minutes and limited to 12 athletes per session.

Ages 15-18 (Rockets)
At this age athletes in this group have developed neuromuscular patterns and the fundamental skills of speed and agility. This is where we fine tune the skills and techniques and put the final pieces together to build the complete athlete. The focus is placed on implementing the speed and agility techniques and training so that it transfers effortlessly over to game competitions. We hone these learned skills and techniques through repetition to create athletic mastery. These sessions are 90 minutes and limited to 12 athletes per session.

Age Eligibility

Note: campers will be grouped according to their age as of the last day of the month preceding the month for which sessions you are registering. For example, if you are registering for May 2015 sessions, the camper's age as of April 30, 2015 will be used to offer you the Little Jets, Missiles, or Rockets options.

Camp Pricing for Group Training

Little Jets
60 minute session (min. 3 sessions) - $25 per session

75 minute session (min. 3 sessions) - $30 per session

90 minute session (min. 4 sessions) - $35 per session

Camp Pricing for Individual Training

If you would like your athelete to be trained individually, there is an additional $10.00 fee per session. You may have as many or as few of the sessions be individual training.

Refund Policy
Refunds will be dispositioned on a case by case basis.

Available Registrations

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