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Fall 2019 (Not Active)
Youth Baseball
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Contact Information

Please browse our website to view the program's contacts.

League Information

The following leagues are offered for players 7-17. Note: the player's age is determined based on his/her age as of April 30, 2020. (We are working to prepare kids for the leagues in which they will play in spring 2020.)

  • Instructional/Minors together using Minors game rules. Practice once a week games on Sat.
  • Minors/Majors together using Majors game rules. Practice once a week games once a week.
  • The 13-17 program is designed for those who just finished in majors and will be moving up in the spring of 2020.
  • All 13-17 players for this spring are welcome to register.

All games and practices will be played at one of the following locations: Bennett Cerf, Landon Burns Upper Field, Avondale and City Park. (There is a chance for interleague games as we did this spring.)

The 13-17 age group will be looking to play with other groups in the fall and will be playing on a 90 foot diamond for all games.

Games will be played on Saturday mornings or early afternoons (depending on the number of teams and if we have interleague games).

WBA will be looking to play with Sykesville in the 13-17 age group so there may be some games in Sykesville on Saturdays. There will be limited pitching for players of 16 and older.

League Name Birth Date Between Cost
Instructional/Minors 05/01/2010 thru 04/30/2013 $75.00
Minors/Majors 05/01/2007 thru 04/30/2010 $90.00
13-UP 05/01/2002 thru 04/30/2007 $95.00

Additional Information

For additional information, please visit our website or contact Steve Potorti at steve_potorti@yahoo.com.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued.

League Registration Restrictions
The leagues for this session have registration limits. Below are the current details on their caps:
2 out of 36 registrations available.
Instructional/Minors WAITING LIST
12 out of 12 registrations available.
-4 out of 26 registrations available.
Minors/Majors WAITING LIST
12 out of 12 registrations available.
0 out of 28 registrations available.
11 out of 12 registrations available.

League Standings and Game Schedules

Fall 2019
Youth Baseball
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