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2017 WAVELAX Team Player Tryouts
2017 WAVELAX Team Player Tryouts
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SELECTION PROCESS: Only the first 88 applications will be processed per graduation year (see note below). NOTE: After a pre-determined amount of numbers are assigned to individual positions, registration for that position will be closed. Once a position is closed nominees may register for the WAITING LIST at no charge. If enough players register on the WAITING LIST teams will be added to the tryout increasing the number of spots to 128 players per graduation class. Once registration opens (mid to late April) the spots are first come, first serve so please do not hesitate to register. Your high school coach will determine your position when nominating players and positions cannot be changed. The number assigned to your application will also be your player number. During the tryouts you will not be known by name, but by your number. This is done to keep the evaluators objective as they choose players during tryouts. After the June 7th tryouts the players who have been selected to continue will have their number posted on the WAVELAX website www.teamwavelax.com. You must access this site to determine if you have been selected.


In order to get the most current information, please visit the Dates/Locations page of the WAVELAX website.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be issued after May 28, 2017 unless a doctor's note can be provided to authenticate injury. Any refund that is issued will be subject to a $20.00 administrative fee.

2017 WAVELAX Team Player Tryouts
2017 WAVELAX Team Player Tryouts
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