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The Seventh District Recreation Council's Outdoor Soccer Program provides teams for players from age 5 through age 18. Clinic and Under-7 play on co-ed teams, Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12 play on boys' teams and girls' teams. Under-14 and Under-18 play also on co-ed teams.

Our goals are to teach basic fundamentals of soccer, promote fitness, encourage competition, and most importantly – HAVE FUN! The spirit of competition on the soccer field gives the children an environment of hard work, team-play, sportsmanship and physical skill. We expect our players to respect others and themselves, and to be self-disciplined.

Additional Information

For more information about the 7th District Soccer program, please browse to our website or follow our Facebook page.


Please remember to sign up for the appropriate program. If your children want to play for Seventh District, please click View below and continue with the registration process.

If your children want to play with the Hereford Zone (Fifth District or Sparks) or Prettyboy, please click the appropriate link to be redirected to their program to complete the registration process.

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