Overlea Fullerton Recreation Council (OFRC)
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General Information

Visit ofrcdance.com to learn more about our program & registration ends September 10, 2021.

Dance Classes

Class Times will be emailed by September 20

Tap/Ballet - ages 3-6: $165
Tap/Ballet/Jazz - ages 7+: $175
Tap/Ballet/Jazz/Pointe - ages 10+: $185
Modern - ages 6-15: $160 (15 person class limit)
Modern - ages 16+: $160 (15 person class limit)
Hip Hop - ages 5-10: $160 (15 person class limit)
Hip Hop - ages 11-15: $160 (15 person class limit)
Hip Hop - ages 16+: $160 (15 person class limit)
Adult Tap & Jazz - ages 18+: $175
Adult Tap, Jazz & Ballet - ages 18+: $185
*For classes with limits, you will be placed on a waiting list (if the limit is reached) and we will reach out if we are able to add another class - no payments will be accepted until you are confirmed in a class.

Please note, a $25 discount will apply to the 2nd+ family members of the same household.
Additional Costs throughout the year:
Costume deposit - $60 due by Wednesday, November 24 (may be paid during registration)
- Costume balance - will have balance after the holidays and will appear different per student/class
Possible 2 $20 charges for fundraisers (if you do not participate or return)

Contact Information

Laura Pleines at ofrcdance@ofrcdance.com

Refund Policy

For any refunds that are issued, a $10 Admin Fee (per class) will be assessed.

Available Registrations
Dance Year 2021-22
Dance Classes
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