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Class of 1983
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We are a proud class, we are a determined class and most of all we are a successful class. We are proud to say we were the last class to graduate from the grounds of Hereford High School. Class of 1983 was so determined we had to file a petition in order to graduate in the front circle of the school. We came together and set all the chairs up for the Graduation, for the Band and all of our families. The eve of Graduation fell a torrential down poor with the potential of ruining our graduation, however when graduation time came we had a beautiful sunny evening and the rain turned tail and ran. Without the help of our class advisors Mrs. Arlene Freeburger and Mr. Thomas Hoffman we would not have had such a wonderful graduation. Thanks to both of them. We have so many successful individuals within our class: Doctor’s, Nurses, Lawyers, Police Officers, Fireman, and so many more congratulations to all of you.

We were also fortunate to have not just one exchange student, but we had three: Maartin Goudriaan from the Netherlands, Pascalle Drabbe from Belgium and Mira Hagelberg from Finland. We hope to see all of you at the reunion.

Our Class song: Do You Know Where You’re Going To?
Our Prom Theme: You and I

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