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AVO is offering the following Leagues for 2023-24:

Girls U-11 (birth year 2013)
Girls U-12 (2012)
Girls U-13 (2011)
Girls U-14 (2010)
Girls U-15 (2009)
Girls U-16 (2008)
Girls U-17 (2007)
Girls U-18 (2006)
Girls U-19 (2005)
Boys U-11 (birth year 2013)
Boys U-12 (2012)
Boys U-13 (2011)
Boys U-14 (2010)
Boys U-15 (2009)
Boys U-16 (2008)
Boys U-17 (2007)
Boys U-18 (2006)
Boys U-19 (2005)
Registration Fees
It is no cost to register for the tryout.  However, if/when your player makes a team, the Club Registration Fee is $375.00 per player.
Further, there will be additional team fees based on team budget for the 2023-24 Season (tournaments, events, etc.).  As every age group and team has a different set budget.
Refund Policy
AVO Soccer Club has a NON-Refundable Policy. All registration and team fees are nonrefundable once you accept a spot on the team and payment is made.

Available Registrations
Fall 2023 thru Spring 2024
Travel Soccer
Fall 2022 thru Spring 2023
Travel Soccer
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