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Program Overview

At the Youth Sports Training Academy we specialize in giving young athletes the necessary training and techniques to help young athletes improve speed, agility, endurance, and strength to give them a competitive edge over their competition. Our training is beneficial for every athlete in every sport including football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, track and field, and any sport where explosive speed and agility can be a gained advantage over your opponent.

Our Certified Instructors teach the techniques, training protocol, and the proper biomechanics for speed and agility that is designed for youth athletes ages 7-18. Training is done in small camps, special sessions, and one-on-one to ensure maximum attention is given to each individual athlete.

Our philosophies are based on the principles of Coach Ron Estes during his 7 year tenure as a National Track and Field Consultant for speed and agility. Values, morals, character, discipline, work ethic, and a never quit attitude are not only necessary components for any athlete that wants to propel themselves to the next level, but they are also necessary components for life both on and off the field. We understand that through competitive sports and training youth athletes learn self-confidence, and a sense of purpose.

Speed and agility training not only increases athleticism, but increases confidence in a child as well. The result is they are more likely to enjoy participating in sports. Participating in sports promotes an appreciation for exercise, self-esteem and interaction in a teamwork setting. Speed and agility training workouts improve your acceleration, deceleration, reaction time and coordination. It is also important for improving foot speed, quickness, speed changes, and directional change. Each of these skills enhances athletic performance. Athleticism is the secret to consistently improving in a sport. Building a solid foundation of athletic abilities and motor skills allows the child to develop sport specific skills in a balanced and healthy way. Once a child establishes a foundation, they can enjoy their physical activity and progress in their sport as far as they choose to go.

More importantly, speed and agility drills increase your balance, dynamic flexibility, functional core strength, control, and reducing your risk of physical injury by improving body mechanics. Sports injuries can be devastating. By utilizing proven methods of stretching, strengthening and body awareness, speed and agility camps help athletes prevent injuries, especially to the knees. Injuries result in loss of playing time. Children will learn to avoid vulnerable positions, increase flexibility and strength, and increase body awareness and position through agility exercises.

Agility training is speed training not conditioning. Speed training along with strength training increases the athlete’s ability to move quickly. Agility training will help any athlete to improve their speed whether they are in track, soccer, football, baseball, or basketball. Practicing speed and agility drills can give children an edge over their competitors. Speed and agility training drills develop essential athletic skills, reduce risks of injury and boost confidence. Even if a child is not an athlete, their overall fitness will improve when they engage in speed and agility drills.

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